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Política de cookies 2018-01-15T10:38:57+00:00


1. What are cookies?

Cookies are computer files that are downloaded from the website onto the browser of the device used to access the web site, whether a PC, mobile phone, tablet, or any other device with a web browser, and collect information related to the browsing activity. Cookies are necessary to facilitate browsing and do not harm your equipment.

2.  What are cookies used for?

María Bacas Malo uses various types of own and third party cookies on the web site for the sole purpose of offering visitors a more satisfactory access to the content based on their browsing patterns.

We use cookies to allow and improve the functioning of the Web Page. Our cookies’ main purpose is to improve your browsing experience. To do this, cookies remember users’ login details and their preferences. Generic statistical information is also collected in connection with the use of the Web Site (number of visits and contents visited).

3. How can cookies be controlled and deleted?

Most browsers are configured to initially accept cookies. However, you can configure your browser to block or delete the cookies installed on your device or to inform you when a web site is attempting to add a cookie to your device and to prevent the installation of cookies. In such cases, the quality and functioning of the Web Site may be reduced.

Web Site users can allow, block or delete the cookies installed on their equipment by configuring their Internet browser’s options.

At the same time, you can activate:

  • Private browsing, so that your browser ceases to save the browsing history, web site passwords, cookies and other information about the visited web pages, or
  • The do not track function, whereby the browser requests visited web sites not to track the user’s browsing habits, so as to, for example, serve up publicity of their interest on visited web sites.

Below we offer the User links to information on how to configure cookie management preferences for the main browsers:

  • GoogleChrome:
  • Mozilla Firefox:
  • Internet Explorer: explorer-9
  • Safari:

Users who register with the Web Page (“Registered Users”) will enjoy a more personalised browsing experience thanks to the use of cookies, combined with the information provided at the time of registration, which will be subject to the Data Protection Policy of María Bacas Malo. The status of Registered User will be understood without prejudice to the right to disable the cookies on your browser.

4. Type of cookies used on the Web Site

There are various types of cookies which can be classified according to their permanence, functions or whether they are sent to the device from equipment or a domain used by the editor, from which the service requested by the user is provided, or whether they are sent to the device from equipment or a domain that is not managed by María Bacas Malo but by another third party.

Thus, cookie types can be classified according to

4. a) The entity that manages the cookies:

  • Own. The editor collects the cookies to provide the service
  • Third party. A private or legal person other than the editor that collects and manages the cookies to provide or improve the service.

4. b) The cookies’ duration:

  • Session cookies. These cookies are used to identify you as a user, while the page is being loaded (ID application, session ID, aspects related to the session, …). They also allow the http session to be identified. They disappear every time the user closes the browser or after a certain limited time has passed.
  • Permanent or persistent cookies. This type of cookie continues to save collected data on the device and only disappear once the purpose of their existence has been fulfilled or if manually deleted.

María Bacas Malo uses session cookies as these are necessary for correct use of the web sites, for the purpose of good management of the session opened by the User so that the user can browse through the different pages of the Web Site uninterruptedly without, for example, having to provide language or location preferences for each page. If these cookies are disabled many of the available services would not be operational.

María Bacas Malo also uses permanent or persistent Cookies of her own or third parties, so that Users’ browsing experience is as satisfactory as possible and best suited to their interests.

4. c) Their purpose:

  • Performance cookies. These save information regarding the user’s preferences in terms of the tools used, for example, language or volume, so that the user does not have to reconfigure them every time they login to the platform.
  • Login cookies. These allow users who have registered with a platform not to have to login again, so that the same platform recognises them automatically provided their session remains open. If the user closes their session, then they will have to identify themselves again with their username and password. This functionality is useful to verify that the user is authorised to have access to certain services.
  • Geolocation cookies. These allow, in a totally anonymous manner, identification of the country from which the user connects to be able to provide them with the most appropriate information based on their location.
  • Functional cookies. They allow a list to be created of the search terms entered by the user. They can also be used for reminders of legal warnings accepted by the user or details entered in a form.
  • Analytics cookies. These permit analysis linked to the user’s browsing for the purpose of monitoring the web page and gathering statistics on the most frequently visited content, number of visits, etc.
  • Google Analytics: Stores cookies to be able to prepare statistics on traffic and numbers of visits to this web page. By using this web site you are consenting to the processing of your information by Google. Therefore, the enforcement of any right in this regard must be made by communicating directly with Google.
    Google Analytics cookies are stored on servers located in the United States and it is undertaken not to share these with third parties, except in cases where it is necessary for the functioning of the system or when the law establishes that it is compulsory. According to Google your IP address is not saved. Google Inc. is a company adhered to the Safe Harbour Agreement which guarantees that all data transferred will be processed with a level of protection that is in line with the European regulation.
  • Sharing cookies. These allow elements from the web sites to be shared on other web pages such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+.
  • Publicity cookies. These make it possible to determine what the user’s interests are based on the user’s browsing habits to be able to provide the user with publicity offers that may be of interest to them. A sub-type of these are the behavioural publicity cookies which allow information on users’ browsing to be saved through the same browsing session, showing publicity related directly to their interests or previous searches on other web sites.

María Bacas Malo uses own and third party cookies of the following types:

  • Performance cookies, login cookies, geolocation, functional, sharing and analytics cookies (including Google Analytics).
  • The companies that generate third party Cookies on our Web Site have their own policies in relation to cookies and data protection.

Currently, the Web Site handles the third party cookies of the following companies:

  • Google – more information on this company’s cookies policy can be found through the following
  • Google Analytics: This is a third party cookie that is added when watching a You Tube video inserted in our Web Site. This cookie does not provide us with the personal data of the Users of because the information is collected anonymously.

You can consult detailed information in this regard through the following link:

If you wish you can use the opt-out browser add-on of Google Analytics and by following its instructions reject the service’s analytics cookies on all browsers. For more information

The browser configuration; for example:

Chrome: in-internet-explorer-9



Disabling Google Analytics cookies will not prevent you from using this web site.

Please visit the YouTube help center for more details on blocking or deleting these cookies.

  • WordPress – more information on this company’s cookies policy can be consulted on the following
  • Facebook – more information on this company’s cookies policy can be consulted through the following link: https://es-
  • Twitter – more information on this company’s cookies policy can be consulted through the following link:

5. Hyperlinks and Linked Sites

5.a) Hyperlinks

The User and, in general, any private or legal person who proposes to establish a hyperlink or technical link device (for example, links or buttons) from their web site to the Web Site (the “Hyperlink”) must obtain prior authorisation in writing from the Owner.

Establishment of the Hyperlink in no way entails the existence of any relations between the Owner and the owner of the web site or page in which the Hyperlink is established , nor does it entail the Owner’s acceptance or approval of the hyperlink’s contents or services.

In all events, the Owner reserves the right to prohibit or disable at any time any hyperlink to the Web Site, especially in cases of illicit activity or content of the web site that includes the hyperlink.

5.2) Linked sites

The Web Site makes available to the User, solely for the search for, and access to, information, content and services available on the Internet, hyperlinks or technical link devices (e.g., links or buttons), which grant the User access to the Internet sites or portals belonging to or managed by third parties (the “Linked Sites”).

The Owner does not offer or market of its own accord or on behalf of third parties the information, contents and services available on the Linked Sites, and nor does it approve, supervise or control in any way whatsoever contents and services and material of any nature existing therein, with the User assuming exclusive liability for browsing through same.

6. Social Media

In fulfilment of the Law on Data Protection (LOPD) and Law on Services of Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), the Owner hereby informs Users that it has proceeded to create a profile on the social media Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (the “Social Media”, jointly or individually), for the main purpose of presenting its services.

The User, who has a profile on the same Social Media and who has decided to join the Page created by the Owner, thereby showing their interest in the information presented on the Internet, by joining our page, has given the Owner their consent for the processing of the personal data published on their profile in said Media. The Owner has access to and processes the public information of the User, in particular, their contact name. This data will only be used within the Social Media environment. It will not be included in any file.

Users can at all times access the Social Media’s privacy policies and configure their profile to guarantee their privacy.

In relation to the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, which are yours and which can be enforced with the Owner, in accordance with the LOPD, you must bear in mind the following nuances:

Access: Will be defined by the functionality of the Social Media and capacity of access to the information on user profiles.

Rectification: Can only be satisfied in relation to such information that is under the Owner’s control, for example, deleting comments published on the page.  Normally, this right ought to be enforced with the Social Media.

Cancellation and/or Opposition: As in the previous case, it may only be satisfied in relation to the information that is under the Owner’s control, e.g. ceasing to be attached to the profile.

The Owner will carry out the following actions: Access the profile’s public information.

Publish on the User’s profile all information already published on the Owner’s Web Site.

Send personal and individual messages through the Social Media channels.

Updates of the Web Site’s status that will be published on the User’s profile.

The User can always control their connections, delete contents that cease to be of interest and restrict who connections are shared with, by accessing their privacy configuration to do so.

7. Liability

The Owner does not assume any liability, in any case, for damages of any nature that may arise, by way of illustration but not limitation, due to:

  • errors or omissions in the Content;
  • contents of web sites to which the user has access via the links established on this Page and declares that under no circumstances will any type of examination or control be enforced over the content of other web sites;
  • lack of technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, extension, veracity and validity of this Page and the Content or the transmission of viruses or malware, in spite of having adopted all the technological measures necessary to prevent this.

The user assumes liability for correct use of this Page. This liability extends to the following:

  • The veracity and licit nature of the information provided by the User in forms provided by the Owner for enquiries and information or for access and/or registration to certain Content or services offered on the Page. As a consequence of this registration, the User may be provided with a username and a password for which the User will be responsible, undertaking to make a confidential and diligent use of same and to take all necessary measures to prevent access and/or use by third parties, being exclusively liable for all consequences that may arise from inappropriate use.
  • The use of information, services and data offered by the Owner contrary to the provisions of the present conditions, Law, morals, good practices or public order or that in any other way may harm the rights of third parties or of the very functioning of the web site.

In using the Web Site, the User undertakes not to adoptany behaviour that may prejudice the image, interests and rights of María BacasMalo or third parties or that may damage, render unusable or overload the Web Site, or that could preventnormal use of the Web Site in any way.

The User of the Page will respond personally for damages of any nature caused to the Page, the Owner and/or any other user or third party by infringing the terms and conditions of the present Legal Note.

The Owner reserves the right to request immediate withdrawal of any link, comment or content in relation to the present Page that has been used, disclosed, distributed, published  exported, exploited, reproduced or copied infringing the terms and conditions of the present Legal Note by any means and through any medium.

The Owner will pursue infringements of the Legal Note and any undue use of the Page by enforcing all actions, including criminal actions, to which it is entitled by law.

8. Modification and update

The Owner, without previous warning, may effect the modifications deemed appropriate in the Web Site and/or the Content, and may change or delete same, in whole or in part, and the way in which they appear presented or located.

Similarly, the Owner may at any time modify the present terms and conditions of this Legal Note to adapt them to changes in legislation or as a result of decisions of a strategic or other nature. Likewise, the User is advised to access them every time they intend to make use of the Page’s Contents.

The validity of this Legal Note, including the Cookies Policy will be indefinite until modified or replaced, in whole or in part, by others duly published on the Page.

9. Legislation and dispute resolution

The terms and conditions of the present Legal Note will be governed by Spanish legislation.

Any dispute will be submitted, renouncing any other jurisdiction that may apply, to mediation pursuant to the Law on Mediation 5/2012 of Spain. Mediation will take place in Madrid.

Only in the event that once the mediation process has concluded without reaching an agreement, may the parties refer their dispute to the Courts of the city of Madrid (Spain), expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction that may correspond to the parties.

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