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Aligned with the company’s business objectives to support growth through consensus with legal protection.



  • Major national and multinational companies.
  • SMEs and startups – companies with high potential in any phase-.
  • Companies in the process of expanding abroad or launching in Spain.
  • Family Offices.
  • Foundations, associations, …


  • All areas of a company
    Operations, Procurement, Quality, Logistics, Legal Services, Board Secretaries, Marketing, HR, PR and Communication, Social Media, Economic-Financial dept., Tax, Customer Service, etc.
  • As one more member of the team in a cross-cutting and flexible manner
    We adapt to the team profiles and to the shared needs, interests and objectives of each specific project.
  • At all levels
    Shareholders, boards and their delegated committees, board-members and directors, board secretaries, senior management, executive committees, legal management, operations, back office, partners, outside collaborators, etc.


Understanding the business model of the client and its opportunities, while being strategic and flexible.


A.- Commercial and Civil Law

  • Projects of internationalisation or expansion in Spain.
  • Intellectual property rights. Definition of brand strategies, patent strategies and other rights.
  • Civil and commercial contracting, on both domestic or international level, with suppliers, providers, clients and partners:
    • Partnership and joint venture agreements (business development agreements, consortium, joint-venture agreements, etc.)
    • Know-how, licence and technology transfer agreements
    • Franchises, agencies, brokerage and distribution
    • Contracts in any business context: marketing, PR and Communication, economic-financial, IT, logistics, procurement, quality, R&D, construction, installations, maintenance, etc.
    • New technologies and digital contracts.
  • Industrial sector agreements: Construction law (“turnkey contracts”, EPC, operation and maintenance contracts, civil works, installations, etc.).

B.- Corporate Law

  • Company law
    • General secretary and delegate committees of the Board. Drafting of operating protocols
    • Commercial and company-related corporate transactions:
      • Sale and purchase of entities
      • Mergers and acquisitions
      • Company restructuring
      • Purchase and sale of business activities, assets and liabilities, franchises, etc.
      • Corporate transfers and assignments
      • Shareholders’ loans
      • Shareholders agreements and agreements between shareholders or partners and the entity or its directors and officers. —– —— —— —– —– —–
  • Senior management contracts, liabilities and remuneration of Board-members and directors
  • Due diligences processes, heading multi-disciplinary teams
  • Compliance and corporate governance
  • Personal Data Protection
  • Professional and industrial risks (Professional Liability, D&O, Political and/or Commercial Risks, General Liability, Contractors’ All Risks, Material Damage, etc.).

C.- Real Estate

  • Legal advice in relation to real estate management
  • Real estate transactions
    • Negotiation and contracts for:
      • Lease
      • Sale and purchase of real estate assets
      • Sale & lease back, etc.
    • Real estate due diligence (Planning Law and Private Law)
    • Deficiencies and deficiencies remedies.
  • Real estate co-ownership
    • Relationships with property owners’ associations and other third parties.
  • Handling of disputes with tenants, lessors, property owners’ associations and the public administrations.

D.- Public Law

  • Tenders dossiers for public or private contracting in Spain or abroad
  • Planning
    • Management and processing of licences, permits and authorisations
    • Random and programmed business inspections carried out by public administration bodies.
  • Administrative proceedings. Appeals.
  • Institutional relationships with the public administrations and business associations.


  • Definition and implementation of legal forms and templates of documents, protocols, manuals and procedures in cross-functional collaborative environments.
    • To improve the client’s business operation with legal safety, appropriate to its level of risk.
    • To enhance the performance and the ownership of operational and back office teams.
    • To provide teams with autonomy and empowerment, avoiding an excessive dependency on the services of an external legal firm or an internal legal advisor, reducing workloads so they can focus on more complex activities that bring more value to the business.
  • Mentoring and legal-business training for operation and back office teams (administrative-financial areas, marketing, HR, etc.) as users of in-house or outside legal services.
    • Detect areas that, with legal training narrowly focused on the business, can prevent, avoid or mitigate situations of risk materialising for the company including internal conflicts or disputes with third parties (clients, suppliers, partners, licensors, licensees, franchisees, franchisors, etc.).
  • Design, support, collaboration, mentoring and leadership of the in-house legal area. From creation of the legal advice service to transformation of the existing one.
    • Implementing the best suited legal service structure for meeting the resources, objectives and the short, medium and long-term needs of the company in environments of development and expansion, sustainability or economic contraction.  
    • Improving the in-house lawyers’ skills and abilities in the provision of their services.


From a peacebuilding approach for negotiation and consensus, the conflict management may enhance the quality of the business decisions and the productivity of the outcome.

Handling of disputes from a perspective that integrates the needs of the business and the company’s legal protection, avoiding an undesirable break in relations or judicial or pre-judicial proceedings.

Aiming to respond to the interests and needs of the parties and even contributing to broaden their alternatives, we place at our clients’ disposal mechanisms and other alternative methods of dispute resolution (ADR/MASC). From an understanding of the parties’ interests, needs and objectives, these methods make possible to generate options to reach satisfactory agreements for the parties involved by either anticipating the dispute or solving it.

Such mechanisms are, among others:

  • Negotiation for business development, management, prevention and/or resolution of disputes. Analysis of the case, appraisal of the various alternatives, definition of the strategy, development and implementation.
  • Top quality and high level business mediation, in conflict processes involving individuals or organisations as the parties, on both internal or external environment.

We firmly believe that methods of alternative dispute resolution to the litigation or arbitration, are confidential, swifter and less costly mechanisms which return control to the parties with certainly regarding their results and contribute to protecting their reputation.

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